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Let's find you the best tool for the job. Our motto is smoking deserves better which mean that you deserve a better tool. Take a look around and find what best fits your style, personality, and needs. If you can't find what you're looking for on our site, send us a message through our contact form, and we'll try our best to get it for you!



If you're looking for discreet, there's nothing better than a vaporizer. The Kind Pen makes high grade, price-efficient pens which are perfect for stashes and style.

If you don't want to smoke vapor, a small pipe would do the trick. Something that you can stash away unlike that 12-inch bong. Dugouts are perfect for the job. You can check out our entire collection, or take a look at the suggested and simple, Teak 1-hitter.

If you're looking for even smaller, you might like this wood swivel pipe. Yeah, it's small.


When you and friends are sitting around the smoking circle, passing the peace pipe, you better bring something Chief Keef would be jealous of. We try to source products that bring enough style to make all your friends jealous.

We've already mentioned the Kind Pen, but it's worth mentioning again. The colors are great, the pen design is sleek. You can't ask for much else in a great vaporizer.


People love collecting pipes, and we wouldn't want to get in the way of that. Glass is perfect for unique and one of a kind pieces, but we also carry products that you might not find in any of your local smoke shops.

Nature is pretty unique. That's why we have a farm of great animal pipes. Take your pick from a frog, turtle, fish, camel, or even a dinosaur

The Mill's wood pipes offers some unique designs, from rainbow stained wood, to natural curving wood around steel pipes and glass bowls.

Finally, grab a zippo with a design that matches your personality and history. We like unique.


Pack in the tobacco, give it a twist, and pull out your 1940's style zippo lighter. We enjoy the classics. Smoking used to be bigger, better, and much classier. Many of these products are our favorites at the shop.

There's nothing more classy than a tuxedo. That's why we have a tuxedo wearing pipe.


You might not care about looks or size. What matters is bang for your buck. Well check out these options that let you get the maximum efficiency out of every session.

Take a look through our powerful vaporizers. Some will burn dry herb. Others will vaporize wax or concentrated oils. If you want strong, do a little research. However, the easiest solution is to pick up a vaporizer which can manage all three.


There's a lot of research going into smoking. Trying to keep your lungs clean and healthy, while enjoying the pastime is a definite goal for all of us. These specific products keep that in mind, and focus on maintaining your health and hobbies.

Bubblers and vaporizers are the cleanest option. Take your pick - pick your style. It all comes down to preference.

All Products are for Legal or Tobacco Use only.
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